Introducing Trade Monitor - a free stock notification service

posted on 21 February 2021 in programming

As a novice investor the first thing I wanted was a way to setup alerts when stocks hit certain thresholds. It’s sounds really simple and I’m sure there’s a service out there for it, but I struggled to find a simple, free one. So I built one.

Introducing Trade Monitor. A simple online service to send you email notifications when a stock reaches a set price. Trade Monitor doesn’t require signing up for an account or providing any personal details, just enter the stock you want to monitor, the price limit and behaviour (e.g. if it passes the price going down, going up, or either way) and your email address. You’ll be asked to confirm your email and you’re all set. Once an alert has been triggered you’ll be sent an email and your details will be deleted.

Stock prices are provided by IEX, for now only US stocks (NASDAQ, NYSE, IEX) are available. Stock prices are fetched every minute, it didn’t seem necessary to read them more frequently as email delivery is not usually instant anyway. For this reason Trade Monitor is better suited to long term investors, rather than day traders who need instant feedback, I’m sure there’s better solutions out there for them anyway.

Try creating a stock alert notification yourself. It’s been fun building Trade Monitor, I hope others find it useful.

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