phreplace is a multi-line search and replace add on for PSPad. It allows multiple lines for search and replace terms, as well as supporting other standard search features such as:

  • Search, replace or replace all functions
  • Search only within selected text, the active document or all open documents.
  • Search for whole words only
  • Search as case sensitive or ignore case
  • Seach using regular expressions
  • Search / replace history


Latest release: phreplace 2.0.24
Released 19 December 2009


phreplace is distributed under the GNU LGPL license .

phreplace is free for personal or commercial use.


phreplace is open source software, the source code is available at Assembla for you to download and use as you like.

If you improve the code please email me to have your changes incorporated into the project.


Documentation is included as a help file in the phreplace download, or is available online.

See the Installation page for information about installing phreplace.