Speaker Bio

Paul is an Engineering Manager at EQL with a proven history of building scalable SaaS products on AWS, leveraging microservices, event driven architectures and serverless computing stacks to enable cost effective solutions that scale for both technology and team's practices.


A collection of slide decks from past presentations.

Fantastic Feature Flags

presented at EQL Engineering Guild
on 28 September 2022

Feature flags are used by engineering teams to dynamically change software behaviour during runtime. They are an important tool to enable continuous integration and delivery. This presentation discusses a bespoke feature flags implementation I built for EQL, and reviews various uses of feature flags.

Using Pull Requests for Great Good

presented at A Cloud Guru Engineering Guild
on 02 March 2021

Pull requests can be a source of great anxiety or they can be a great platform for feedback and learning. Whether you're an author or reviewer, being thoughtful about how you deliver your content can have a great impact on your team mates, let's aim for effective PRs, here's some tips on how to achieve that.

Return of the Script Tag

presented at Web Directions Code & BrooklynJS
on 01 August 2018

For the last decade we've been fighting the use of script tags, bundling our code to reduce the number of assets we need to download from the server, hoping all the while to avoid the dreaded limit of 6 simultaneous downloads from a single domain. But times have changed and with the widespread adoption of HTTP/2 and native ES6 browser modules it's time we re-embraced our script tags, load all our source files individually giving us the freedom to cast off those fragile front end build systems and really leverage browser caching to it's fullest.

CSS Modules

presented at PageUp
on 21 February 2018

CSS Modules allows you to scope your styles to a single component by obfuscating the class name, this talk will look at using CSS Modules with React, Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap and how to use localised class names in tests.

Going Serverless: Code Without Infrastructure

presented at Monash Industry Seminar Series
on 24 April 2017

Write and deploy code without worrying about compilation, networks, infrastructure and servers. Is it too good to be true? In this talk we'll examine serverless architecture (especially on AWS) and why there's so much hype about it at the moment.

Two's company, three's a mob

presented at DDD by Night
on 24 November 2016

Mob programming isn't just adding more people to pair programming, the mob needs to change the way they work together to realise the benefits. Are you ready to be a mobbing champion in your organisation? This talk will explore why development teams around the world are forgoing parallelism to reap better productivity through mobbing.

We don't do Scrum

presented at PageUp
on 02 August 2016

With all streams doing their own flavor of Agile development, let's get back to the grassroots of Agile practices and see what we do differently and why. Scrum is a specific framework for running Agile teams, in this presentation I'll talk about what Scrum is exactly and how it differs to what we do at PageUp.

Planning days

presented at PageUp
on 08 July 2016

Team planning days can be fun, help foster team bonding and set a shared direction and purpose when done right. Or they could be downright boring. This presentation gives some tips on how to run a successful planning day with your development team.

Finding performance bottlenecks with JMeter

presented at Melbourne Alt.NET
on 29 March 2016

Do you really know how well your application will scale under load? We thought we did but after some relatively simple tests we found issues we needed to address. In this talk you'll hear about some of the tools and techniques to load test your application and identify the bottlenecks