Excel templates for Scrum Product and Sprint Backlogs

posted on 13 May 2014 in general

Warning: Please consider that this post is over 8 years old and the content may no longer be relevant.

Here’s some useful templates for managing Scrum projects using Excel. Why use Excel? For simplicity. Sometimes great software and tools are necessary, sometimes they just over complicate the process.

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”
Manifestio for Agile Software

“Simplicity–the art of maximizing the amount of work not done–is essential.”
- Principles behind the Agile Manifesto

“Many time management techniques fail because they subject the people who use them to a higher level of added complexity with respect to the intrinsic complexity of the task at hand.”
- The Pomodoro Technique

Product Backlog

Download the Product Backlog Excel Template (incl. Release Burndown Chart)

Release Burndown Chart

Sprint Backlog

Download the Sprint Backlog Excel Template (incl. Sprint Burndown Chart)

Sprint Burndown Chart